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Our artisans meticulously handcraft each urn, treating it as a work of art rather than a mere container. They take great care to ensure that every detail, from the seamless fusion of wood and epoxy to the smooth, polished finish, is executed with precision and devotion. The result is a piece that not only holds your loved one's remains but also tells a story of love, respect, and remembrance.

About Our Wood


We take pride in our commitment to responsible and sustainable sourcing. The materials used in all of our vessels are ethically harvested right here in Canada, primarily in urban settings. This means that the wood comes from trees that have reached the end of their natural life cycle or have been sustainably managed, ensuring the preservation of our beautiful natural landscapes. By choosing an urn from our collection, you are not only honouring your loved one's memory but also contributing to the conservation of our environment.



Our skilled artisans pour their expertise and devotion into crafting each Urn. Every detail, from the carefully selected wood to the precision of the epoxy infusion, is executed with meticulous care. The result is a work of art that not only holds remains but also embodies the love and respect you have for your cherished one.


Our Urns are not just beautiful pieces; they are built to last. Crafted with durability in mind, you can trust that it will safeguard your loved one's ashes with the utmost care and respect.

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